If you are looking for a premium serum to add to your skincare routine and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and fantastic, then this is it. FirstBase is a reputable company that has always been on the frontline of making eco-friendly products. 

Vitamin C has a lot of benefits for your skin and often does not come with side effects. It helps get rid of old skin cells, is a great remedy for sunburns, and gets rid of blemishes and discoloration. Given these benefits, FirstBase created a product with a double dose of Vitamin C.

Everyone, including me, is after a youthful glow; I can attest to this serum. It includes a baobabs extract which has helped it offer moisturizing properties and done a great job preventing wrinkles from showing. It smells good, and the difference was noticeable after using it twice a day for around two weeks. It is now a core part of my skincare routine. 

I am not shy to admit I may have bought more than a few bottles of the product. It is gentle on my sensitive skin, which makes me keep it close and the one constant I would not change, especially during harsh winter.

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