Hailey Bieber has just shared her skincare routine, where she discussed her approach to keeping her skin looking fresh and young. In her words, she said subtle is better, and to her, less is more. A lot about her skincare change was evident, and after launching Rhode, her beauty line, there is surely more to learn from her.

She further shares that skincare preparation is the most important step of her skincare routine. Hailey believes how you prepare your skin makes all the difference in how your makeup sits on your face and turns out. Then, as a skincare fanatic and the face of numerous brands, Hailey expressed how she has struggled with her dry and sensitive skin and how hydration is important to her.

She explains how she starts with a toner before applying Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid which consists of niacinamide, marula oil, and hyaluronic acid. Then, she uses reusable Dieux Skin eye masks to tap the fluid under her eyes. She applies her Chanel foundation and blends it along the face and neck using her hands to get a natural finish.

After foundation, she uses the Kosasa Revealer Concealer and draws it from her outer lip corner towards the jawline under the cheekbones. She explains how this makes a difference by giving a lifted, more sculpted look. This is before she uses the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate contour. She uses R.e.m. Beauty Liquid eyeshadow for her eyelids and MAC Mascara before finishing off with a multipurpose makeup pencil on her lips.

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