One thing many of us agree about Ashley is her skin is always glowing all the time. Luckily, she has shared her exact skincare routine and what she uses. Ashley emphasized that her preference is for products that work, and protection is the key to her. Her routine is simple, relaxing, and noninvasive.

She shares how she does a lot of acupuncture which helps tighten and make her face and neck firm. Ashely emphasizes how often people forget their necks. She uses Avya Gentle Cleanser for the cleanser and prefers how noninvasive and jelly-like it is. 

Depending on her forehead condition, she sometimes uses a toner, the Kristina Holey and Marie Veronique Balancing Hypotonic. At night, the Weleda Skin Food keeps her skin moisturized, especially during summer. 

Before adding makeup, she uses the Revlon Rose Glow Mist, which she swears by, and adds how easy it is to travel with it in her bag. She also emphasizes that she often gets red-light therapy for the rosacea, citing that it helps with morning puffiness and is useful for the lymphatic system. 

Ashely also says she uses the Revlon Jade Roller, which she stores in the freezer for mornings, especially on a hard night. She uses the roller under her eyes and the area in her jawline to get rid of dark marks and puffiness. She also uses the True Botanicals Resurrection Radiance eye cream for her eyes and relies on the 111 Skin Black Diamond Eye mask when she has under-eye patches.

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