Have you heard about the Chi Essentials Keratin and Bonding Collection? The product promises to treat damaged hair using the new combination of restoring shampoo and conditioner in the natural bond builders and a combination of keratin and moisturizer. Well, I am glad to have tested it before you, and here is my experience.

I believe the Chi Essentials Keratin and Bonding Collection is best for anyone with significant hair damage, colored hair, or bleached hair. The product has bonding agents that help repair and rebuild the hair protein bonds damaged during chemical processes.

The keratin is also a cleverly-added ingredient that will effectively replenish and protect the hair’s natural keratin. Thus, it improves elasticity and avoids further hair breakage while restoring your hair’s hydration and natural shine.

Its shampoo is safe for color, helps protect against damage, frizz, and split ends, and leaves your hair shiner, healthier, and softer. The conditioner also restores dry or damaged hair and transforms it into healthy, shiny locks. 

So, from my experience. I noticed my hair felt softer after use, which helped remedy my dry scalp. What I loved most about the product was the bonding technology which used plant-based ingredients. 

Unfortunately, I noticed some dryness on my hands, and the product did not leave a fruity scent like others. My scalp is also very sensitive, and after use, it became a little more sensitive, but given the advantages that come with it, I would say the product is worth a try. Remember, the experiences are individual.

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